PrecisionHawk, Verizon, Harris and DigitalGlobe announce collaboration to build safety ecosystem for drones. Read more.


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Safety Services for Drones


Say Hello to LATAS

Operating over the world-wide cellular networks and satellites, the LATAS (Low Altitude Traffic and Airspace Safety) platform connects leading airspace management technologies, such as sense and avoid, geofencing and aircraft tracking, into a service package for commercial and recreational drone operators as well as regulators and air traffic controllers. Engineered with privacy and security protections, LATAS promotes compliance with privacy and data security requirements.

Airspace Services

  • Pilot Communications

  • Real-time Tracking of Aircraft

  • Hazard Notification

  • Airspace Protocols and Compliance

  • Dynamic Geofencing

  • Identify Ground and Air Obstacles

  • Detect and Avoid

  • Social Sharing and Live-stream

  • User-enabled privacy controls

LATAS Brings Order

Handling millions of simultaneous connections to keep the skyways secure and citizens safe. Current radar technologies and ADS-b reporting systems are unable to locate and track drones due to their small size and the low altitudes at which they fly. This makes it difficult for real traffic controllers to manage commercial and hobbyist drone operations while maintaining safe and effective separation with the existing infrastructure of ground and air obstacles.

Our Users


    When operating a drone for commercial or recreational use, LATAS ensures safe flight by approving flight location, maintaining separation from ground and air obstacles and notifying the pilot in case of a hazard.

  • Enterprise

    LATAS demonstrates the success of many UAVs operating on a broad scale across numerous use cases from agriculture to package delivery. Integrate UAVs into a business workflow while maintaining a five-star safety rating.

  • Regulators

    LATAS will provide a direct line to the FAA to push forward regulations and integration through innovative communication, data and airspace services.


PrecisionHawk is part of the FAA Pathfinder Program and the NASA UTM Program. Additionally we are working with commercial, educational, regulatory and technology partners on safe airspace tools, research and testing.